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posted Apr 17, 2014 02:52:49 by MCSunflowerJones

Gag Me With A zine is calling for ~your~ submissions to The 11:11 Issue!

Theme? Occult & the Paranormal, aka anything to do with magick, mysteries, curio goods, & all around witchery...

What? Your words & art craft - true tales & memories, unfiction, tutorials, micro fiction, flash poetry, drawings, paintings, collages, etc! Anything & everything to do with the esoteric arts & beyond...can be a spell, little known facts, "how to's", alien abductions, ghost sightings, exorcisms, tales of the Ouija board, past life experiences - if you can think of it, we want it! Words should be limited to 500 or less & art should be as magickal as a Unicorn's horn in a coven's circle!

Who? You, you, & YOU! & also your favorite furry four-legged friend...we wanna hear all about the familiars, too!

When? The deadline has already passed on to the other side, but there's still time to awaken the dearly departed! Still a few pages left to fill with YOUR name dripping in blood - we wanna get the crazy & the kooky, the mysterious & the spooky out there!

Where? Please email all submissions to

For a sneaky peak of some stuff from previous issues of Gag Moi, you can have a looksie at our mucho fantastique bloggy away, weird wonders!

If you're considering submitting, but are on the fence, just send us your shit...we need to hear from all y'all & we have faith in you! Also, you can invite your friends to join in the fun if you think that they may be the right wordsmith/art witch for the job...we love to find new rad shit!

Thank you & blessed be you crazy ghosties with the mosties,
Steven & Deirdree ♥
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zines & shit!
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