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Spring 2014 Newsletter

posted Apr 17, 2014 01:52:06 by sweetcandydistro
Hey Zine Friends!

This year marks ten years of Sweet Candy Distro! We will be having an ALL AGES birthday celebration at the Olympia Timberland Library on June 21. There will be zine making workshops, guest readers, and other fun zine stuff! Look out for our facebook invite coming soon.

Here’s a round-up of all the fresh and restocked awesomeness Sweet Candy’s got for you this Spring:


Cheer The Eff Up #5 by Jonas
Cheer The Eff Up. #6 by Jonas
Chub-Chubs (a squirrel love story) by Sage Adderley
The Crankie Digest #1 by Frankie
Dear High School Boy by Eryca
Echo! Echo! #10 by Keet
The Escape Artist #10 - October 2013 {anxiety.} by Jolie Noggle
The Escape Artist #11/Pieces #9 (on death) by Jolie Noggle & Nichole
The Escape Artist #12 by Jolie Noggle
The Escape Artist #15 by Jolie Noggle
Here In My Head #12 by Cath Elms
I Dreamed I Was Assertive #15 by Celia Perez
Lady Teeth #4 by Taryn Hipp
Mid Life Isis by Marya Errin Jones
Mocha Chocolata Momma #2 (Zoe Washburne) by Marya Errin Jones
My Little Friend #5 1/2 and #6 by Eryca
Optogram #1 (small town story) by Danielle Patrick - it's 100 pages, woo!
Pieces #8.5/The Flip side (split zine) by Nichole & Laura
Piltdownload #9 (Misadventures in the Publishing Underground: Pamphleteria the rise and fall of phony lid) by Kelly Dessaint
Proof I Exist #16 by Billy
That Girl #13 by Kelli
That Girl #14 (Skeletons don't have swim lessons.) by Kelli
What's Your Sign? (set of 12 - every sign in the Zodiac series) by MC Sunflower Jones

Borderline Personality Disorder: A Companion by Deirdree Prudence
Depression: A Companion by Deirdree Prudence
Functionally ill #11 by Laura-Marie
Lady Lazarus: A Sylvia Plath Pocket Reader by MC Sunflower Jones Productions
Multiple Me & DID (Living in Multiplicity) By Dee
Multiple Me & DID #2, The Breakdown by Dee
Pansy #9 by Laura
Tributaries #3: on tricycling, history, and ending by JC
Tributaries #4: an intro to arthritis in youth by JC
With Intention: a zine about a person with narcolepsy by Ming Lai

The Lincoln Underground: These Words Thwart Bullies & Transcend Hopelessness, Autumn 2013
The Lincoln Underground: Our Fairytales and Our Realities, Spring 2014
The Lincoln Underground, zine three packs at discount price!

We now carry: RAD DAD Magazine and HIP MAMA Magazine!
Creative Evolution 1 by Liza (teen zinester)
Creative Evolution 2: the pizza on the floor edition by Liza
Creative Evolution 3: the teenage love edition by Liza
Creative Evolution 4: seductive cheerio eating competition by Liza
Creative Evolution 4.5: Poems by Liza
Creative Evolution 5: the candyless braces edition by Liza
Creative Evolution 6 by Liza

Attack of the Zombie Soy Bot: BEST OF issue! by tOM
The East Village INKY #54 (February 2014) by Ayun!

Stab Yourself (a satire about stick and poke tattoos) by Bradley Knox

Cranky Vegan (19 recipes from the bottom of my black little heart, to you, with love.) by Laura

Dangerous Damsels (Feminist Fairy Tales) by Sarah & contributors

Body-positive Pins
CUSTOM 1" BUTTONS - we make them!

Also, did you hear? We’ve got two new interns, Kelly and Mary, helping make the magic happen. Check out their bios here:

Thanks for reading and supporting Sweet Candy Distro!
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